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For best results, we recommend adding HiveAlive to all syrup fed. The amount of syrup colonies consume will vary greatly with location, size, time of year etc. As a guide for an average sized colony we recommend feeding a minimum of 4L of activated syrup per hive (10ml of HiveAlive) in autumn and again in spring. Autumn is the most beneficial time to feed with HiveAlive.

For best results, we recommend adding HiveAlive to all syrup fed as long as it is added at a rate of 2.5ml of HiveAlive per litre of syrup. We recommend feeding a minimum of 4L of activated syrup per hive (10ml of HiveAlive) in autumn and again in spring.


Yes it is a good idea to give new nucs/packages syrup activated with HiveAlive to help increase populations and improve intestinal well-being.


Yes HiveAlive can be added to fondant/candy. You must ensure that the temperature of the fondant/candy is below 50°C/122°F before adding HiveAlive.


Yes HiveAlive can be added to enhance your protein patties. Add 10ml per kg of patty.


If you add too much HiveAlive to your syrup by accident, don’t worry, the bees should not consume the syrup due to high concentration of thyme oil. However, you should remove the feeders if possible and dilute the mixture with more syrup in order to get the right concentration.


HiveAlive contains an optimal concentration of lemongrass that is attractive to honeybees but does not induce robbing. As HoneyBHealthy also contains lemongrass, we do not recommend feeding both as robbing may occur.


Yes. In fact, if using thymol based miticides such as ApilifeVar, it may be useful to feed HiveAlive 1-2 weeks before administering the miticide as it may reduce bearding/absconding.


Yes. HiveAlive can be added to a light sugar syrup at a max concentration of 1:100 for spraying onto bees and frames. You should only lightly cover bees to avoid drowning them. We recommend doing this once per week for three weeks to cover full brood cycle.


Make sure you have used the correct concentration of HiveAlive for syrup feeding. You should add 2.5ml of HiveAlive per litre of syrup. If correct amounts used, there may be nectar available for the bees. Bees will favour nectar over syrup if available.

Unlike a lot of the other products on the market, HiveAlive has been extensively tested in field trials to demonstrate the benefits of feeding. These tests have been carried out by independent researchers and the results are published in scientific journals. In addition, all of the ingredients and manufacturing process are fully audited and adhere to strict regulations.

HiveAlive is quite concentrated and only 2.5ml of HiveAlive is required per litre of syrup. This means excellent value for money and the cost to treat one hive can be as low as $1 depending on the bottle size used.

HiveAlive prevents syrup from fermenting for around 5 months. If you have made up too much syrup you can store it until you need it again if HiveAlive has been added. 

The expiry date is two years from date of manufacture. The date is printed on the bottle. We also recommend using the bottle within 6 months of opening.

HiveAlive should be stored in a cool, dark place. Do not store below 8°C/46°F.

No HiveAlive is a feed supplement for honeybees.

HiveAlive is mainly composed of a blend of seaweed extracts that were specifically selected for honeybee health. The seaweed extracts are blended with lemongrass and thymol in an easy to use liquid form.

Yes all the ingredients in HiveAlive are compliant with EU and FDA regulations meaning you have a quality product that is safe for use.

No there are no GMO ingredients in HiveAlive or harsh chemicals. All the ingredients are naturally derived and approved for feeding to honeybees.

HiveAlive is available in over 30 countries worldwide. Check our Where to buy page to find your nearest retailer. If you are a retailer interested in stocking HiveAlive, contact us to learn more about selling HiveAlive.

HiveAlive is available in 100ml, 500ml and 2L bottles. 10L bottles are available in some countries, check with your nearest retailer for availability.

100ml will activate 40L of syrup which is enough to feed 10 hives.

500ml will activate 200L of syrup which is enough to feed 50 hives.

2L will activate 800L of syrup which is enough to feed 200 hives.

10L will activate 4000L of syrup which is enough to feed 1000 hives. 

You should use HiveAlive if you…

  • Want to increase colony size
  • Want to increase honey yields
  • Have weak hives
  • Are worried that your hives might not survive the winter
  • Want to boost colony production in spring
  • Have nosema
  • Have chalkbrood
  • Want to build up nucs, packages and swarns
  • Want to feed colonies with a safe, naturally derived feed supplemenet
  • Want to strengthen hives before migration (migratory hives in the US have higher levels of Nosema than stationary hivesi)
  • Have syrup that you want to store (HiveAlive prevents syrup fermentation)
  • Want to feed for longer (longer feeding window as syrup does not ferment)
  • Want to save time and money

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