Hive Alive is the #1 feed supplement for honeybees worldwide

Hive Alive is the only feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production and improve over-winter success. 



HiveAlive contains a blend of unique seaweed, scientifically selected for honeybee health

Seaweed protects bees 

Seaweeds are added to animal feeds for numerous benefits:

bar chart    Productivity

 cross    General Health

 intestinal    Gut Health

 antivirus    Immune Function

 honey   Nutrition


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International studies
Hives treated

Scientifically proven efficacy


HiveAlive proven to increase colony population

Proven to Increase Population

Published results show an 89% increase in colony population when HiveAlive is added to syrup.

HiveAlive proven to increase honey production

Proven to Increase Honey Production

International field trials show a 40% increase in honey production when HiveAlive is fed.

HiveAlive proven to reduce Nosema

Maintains healthy colonies

Feeding HiveAlive is a long-term solution to maintain healthy colonies that can defend against disease.






HiveAlive Fondant

HiveAlive Fondant with added vitamins and amino acids

    Produced using enzymatic hydrolysis without the use of acids or heat processing giving no harmful HMF
    Added vitamins & amino acids selected for bee health
    Very fine particle size sugar for enhanced digestion
    Natural active ingredients
    Only European, non-GMO ingredients

Available from Bee Supplies, Dublin, Donegal Bees, Thorne's and Heather Bell Honey Bees.



What beekeepers think about HiveAlive

Key Active Ingredients


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HiveAlive is largely composed of a unique blend of scientifically selected Irish seaweed called OceaShield which has many beneficial properties. Seaweeds are routinely fed in animal feeds to help improve general health.

HiveAlive contains thyme which is recognised as a key substance in maintaining healthy colonies. We have developed a unique emulsification process to ensure it blends easily into sugar syrup and does not cause separation or re-crystallisation.

HiveAlive contains a precise amount of lemongrass in order to increase attractiveness of syrup but does not contain enough to induce unwanted robbing. Lemongrass also has a calming effect on bees.

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At Advance Science, we are heavily research focused and strive to provide natural, effective and practical solutions that are cost competitive for the beekeeper. Our research is centred on utilising and validating nature’s best defences followed by expert formulation and blending. We ensure that these processes are sustainable and work in harmony with nature.


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