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HiveAlive 100ml

100ml of HiveAlive™ activates 40 litres of syrup. Price per hive: €1.80

Price: € 17.99

HiveAlive 500ml

500ml of HiveAlive™ activates 200 litres of syrup. Price per hive: €1.44

Price: € 71.99

HiveAlive 2 Litre

2L of HiveAlive™ activates up to 800 litres of syrup. Price per hive: 88c

Price: € 174.99

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At Advance Science, we are heavily research focused and strive to provide natural, effective and practical solutions that are cost competitive for the beekeeper. Our research is centred on utilising and validating nature’s best defences followed by expert formulation and blending. We ensure that these processes are sustainable and work in harmony with nature.


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