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HiveAlive is the only feed supplement worldwide with long term PROVEN results.



Why feed HiveAlive?

Feeding HiveAlive results in...

hivealive best feed supplement for bees


  • PROVEN increase in colony population (by a massive 89%)
  • PROVEN increase in honey production (by 40%)
  • PROVEN to maintain healthy bee gut
  • PROVEN overwinter survival

HiveAlive is the only feed supplement that has published data showing long term proven benefits. Data published in the Journal of Apicultural Research

Adding HiveAlive to your syrup:

  • Increases the attractiveness of the syrup to bees
  • Prevents syrup from fermenting (syrup stays mould free for at least 6 months!)

Beekeepers have also found that feeding HiveAlive:

  • Aids new queen introduction
  • limits bearding/absconding when using thymol based miticides



What is HiveAlive?

hivealive best feed supplement for bees


  • Liquid feed supplement for bees that contains a proprietary blend of SEAWEED EXTRACTS (specifically selected for honeybee health)
  • Seaweeds are increasingly used commercially in animal feeds to promote weight gain, intestinal well-being and immune health
  • HiveAlive was the first feed supplement for bees that uses seaweeds and the ONLY supplement that uses seaweed extracts
  • HiveAlive also contains thymol and lemongrass
  • It is made in Ireland and follows strict EU manufacturing regulations and conforms to all FDA requirements



Where do I buy HiveAlive?

HiveAlive is available in over 30 countries worldwide in the largest beekeeping supplies shops. To find out where you can get HiveAlive in your country, visit our Where to Buy page



How do I feed HiveAlive?

HiveAlive is easy to use.

  1. Shake well. Contents will settle.
  2. Feed HiveAlive annually at the end of the honey harvest when the honey supers have been removed.
  3. All syrup fed to be activated at a concentration of 2.5 ml of HiveAlive to every litre of syrup.*
  4. Stir well.


*For best results, we recommend that all syrup fed is activated with HiveAlive. At a minimum, you should feed at least 4 litres of activated syrup per hive in the autumn and ideally again in the spring.

Can be added to candy or inverted syrup. The temperature of syrup/candy must not be above 50°C/122°F





What do beekeepers think of HiveAlive?

HiveAlive has been fed to over 5 million colonies worldwide.

“We have been using Hive Alive for three years now and have found it to be very effective in bee health. We operate 20,000 hives in around the center of the North Island, producing Clover, Bush honey and manuka honey. We feed Hive Alive in the Autumn around the months of April and May. The population increases rapidly and honey production increased. On average production per hive is approximately 25% more and the hives are more consistent in the production. We test our bees for Nosema ceranae during spring and have found that it has a very low or non-detectable level. To summarise we would recommend using Hive Alive to beekeepers because honey production per hive far exceeds the cost of the product.”

Donald Tweeddale, Commercial Beekeeper (20,000 hives), New Zealand


“The colonies we fed with HiveAlive last year have had only 15 percent losses so far, compared to 25 percent for the rest. They appear to have built-up very well. There were 75 colonies that we started from packages in early April and we split them into 300 in mid-June. My close beekeeper friend who runs about 300 colonies bought the same packages of bees in April. He also split them, but he didn't experience the same buildup that I saw in my bees. He did not use HiveAlive, and he has since seen losses of about 35 percent, so far. He plans to buy some HiveAlive this week.”

Nick S., 1000 colonies, New York, USA


“Giving HiveAlive to our bees in Autumn 2017 we didn't think that it could improve our situation that good. We live in Central Russia and usually suffer from big overwinter mortality of bees. This year the bees wintered outdoors and the result was unbelievable. Spring colony build-up impressed us as well! We are going to use HiveAlive further because everything that was said in an advertising brochure has been proved here, in Central Russia, at our family apiary.”

Danis Lobastov, Chuvash Republic, Russia


“I have been very impressed with the product so far. I work closely with another local beekeeper and we generally follow similar treatment protocols. Early in the fall, both of us had losses of around 20 percent, but by late November, we noticed his hives were not as strong as mine, and he has since incurred greater losses. The one main difference in our operations: I use HiveAlive.”

Steve S., 200 colonies, Michigan, USA


"I am having great results with HiveAlive last winter and now this Spring.  The results are dramatic, as my hives are growing like never before."

Mike Martel, Backyard Beekeeper, Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA


"If there is a ‘perfect’ Spring you may not see a dramatic difference between hives fed it and those not fed it. However, if it is a cold wet Spring and the bees can’t get out, you will probably see a big difference. Problem is that when you need to feed it at the optimum time in Autumn, you don’t know what the Spring will be like so it is really an insurance policy. It is widely used by commercial operators in NZ including two of NZ’s largest beekeeping operations - draw your own conclusions. Also of note is that HiveAlive has been developed specifically for honey bees”

Peter Lyttle, Beekeeper & CEO of New Zealand Beeswax Ltd



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