Greek trial stats
  • Published in the Journal of Apicultural Research - Trials were performed by the Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, Greece. Read the published paper.
  • Increased Population - A near doubling (89%) in colony population in comparison to ordinary syrup when used biannually. Similar results seen in French trial.
  • Lower Nosema Levels - HiveAlive treatment group maintained significantly lower levels of Nosema ceranae spores.
  • Lower Winter Mortality - None of the 20 colonies fed syrup with HiveAlive™ failed whilst 3 hives failed in the syrup only group. 

Overwinter Bee Protection Supplement

Feeding of colonies with HiveAlive results in a large increase in colony population compared to control with continued use. Colonies are significantly stronger after one year of feeding but best results are observed with continued annual usage. Feeding HiveAlive for a year and a half resulted in an 89% increase in colony population compared to control.

Overwinter Bee Protection Supplement

It was also found that feeding HiveAlive maintains low levels of Nosema spores.

Levels of Nosema naturally reduce in summer months and increase over winter. Feeding HiveAlive kept the Nosema levels lower than control over winter and in spring. 

Overwinter Bee Protection Supplement

The HiveAlive fed group had reduced overwinter mortality compared to the control group. The control group experienced 15% losses whilst the HiveAlive group had no losses.

Read the peer-reviewed journal article  

Read the full paper  


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