French trial stats

Feeding HiveAlive resulted in

  • Increased Honey/Pollen Production
  • Increased Brood Production
  • Increased Colony Population (similar results seen in trials carried out in Greece)

3 Graph French trial honey Nov2016

The amount of honey and pollen stored by hives was also monitored by counting the number of frames of stores per hive. At the end of the trial, the HiveAlive group had 40% more stores than the control group.


2 Graph French trial brood nov2016

The amount of brood on frames was measured in terms of area coverage (m2) of frames per hive. At the end of the trial period, the HiveAlive group had 35% more brood than the control group.

Increased Honey Production Supplement

The number of spaces between frames that was full of bees was noted as a method of assessing colony population. The HiveAlive group had more bees than the control group at the end of the trial period. Feeding HiveAlive resulted in a 20% increase in colony population compared to control.  


The ability of colonies to draw out new wax comb was monitored for the first summer period after feeding began. Just 3 weeks after feeding, the HiveAlive group were drawing out 7% more comb than the control group.

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